10 Hours flight instruction
Ground School
Covers Grass and Paved runways
Fast  taxi
3 point and wheel landings
Aborted takeoff and landings
Additinal lessons can be added for $198.40/hour 
Discounted Hotel Rates
Courtesy Car

Our tailwheel training is headed up by Charlie Morris in Vine Grove, KY. Charlie Morris is a full-time Certified Flight Instructor who cut his teeth flying tailwheel aircraft as the third- generation pilot of a family of grassroots flyers. Operating off the family-owned grass strip in Vine Grove, KY, the training presents grass runways as well as paved runways while learning 3-point, wheel and crosswind landings. 

Vine Grove Airport Is proud to announce that
charlie is now partners with greg Koontz
and will handle all tailwhell endorsments
Please vist Greg's website
Prices are subject to change without notice

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